The Government giveth and taketh away, not God.

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Around the 1890s, a prominent Virginia Supreme court justice Westell Willoughby wrote, “There are in the individual no so-called innate or ‘natural rights,’ that is, such rights as exist independently of the State and beyond its control. In so far as the individual has claims upon his fellows to a non-interference upon their part with the free exercise of certain outward acts, such claims have no legal force except as recognized and enforced by the political power.”

Case Law that supports Willoughby thoughts

This thinking, I would say, has subconsciously had a big influence on the political, judicial, and public sphere during this time period. The…

The 14th amendment has changed so much since its ratification, but laws are a process.

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The 14th amendment to the constitution was ratified on July 9, 1868. It was an influential law that abridges states from making laws to strip “the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States” and nor “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Now, given that this law was written broadly was originally designed to denounce the racial disparages that were common in the united states. Even though this might have been the original intent of the author fifty years after the 14th amendment was ratified, the amendment has been interpreted in many…

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So you’re probably thinking, what can a loser tell me about how to get out of debt? Well, I can’t tell you how not to be a loser or how to be successful, but I can show you how a loser like me got out of 15,000 dollars worth of crippling debt, easily within a reasonable amount of time.

Step one: limit the amount of debt to you take in.

Sounds easy enough? Well, depending on what type of debt you have, it could be easy or challenging. …

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So you’re a recording artist or a content creator from youtube, and one day you realize there is a lot of men on your social media who look like they are there for an alternative reason. Here are some things to think about in your next post or video that might help with these weirdo accounts that follow you.

Example A: less of this.

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The language of Pre-incarceration

The United States has one of the most varied systems of incarceration in the world, with more than 51 Types of incarceration systems in the nation that all reasonably independent of each other. The united states have 50 different state prison systems and one vastly complicated central federal prison system. In these systems, we house the most significant number of people compared to any other country, with around a million of people bounded by a system that is structured and run by language and more definitely words. The language that we use and see in incarceration…

The Association of Bay Area Governments and Metropolitan Transportation Commission voted unanimously for a motion to examine critical parts of a proposed transit bill.

On Friday, Feb 14th, in San Francisco, The Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association Bay area Governments in a joint meeting agreed to in their next meeting to examine many parts of State Bill 79.

This bill Which would implement a 1 cent sales tax to increase the funding for the production of affordable housing and transportation together.

The Agreement after the meeting’s public comment urged the commission to change the method of how the new…

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Some days ago, Rep. Ro Khanna and Rep. Tim Ryan, two Democrats in the House of Representatives, proposed the emergency money for the people act that helps fix the problems that were present in the CARES act. The problem with the cares act is that it excluded a lot of people. It prohibited undocumented immigrants and excluded college students and a few other types of workers who desperately need money because they were unable to work due to the shutdown. To add on to that, are some people who can not get approval for unemployment in their state, like Undocumented…

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America in the 21st century has a large number of criminals and people who experience incarceration. Almost 3 percent of the population suffer this experience, some only for a specific amount of time, others a lifetime. for the ones that live the background for a lifetime. It can start at a young age sometimes at the age of 12, with the terms delinquent, “gangbanger” or “criminal” from their families, community, or the justice system itself.

The words or “titles” that we are given to us from the start of childhood to the early and mid-adulthood can dramatically affect the actions…

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We are in the age where viruses can take over society in a matter of minutes, days, and weeks. Some like the Ebola virus can be extremely deadly, but not the fastest spreading infection out there other viruses like COVID-19 is dangerous but not to the extent that everyone seems to think. Still, the problem is that the virus is exceptionally contagious. The ability of the virus to spread across a community is mind-blowing. In a matter of days, the virus can infect a community. As we see the highest risk groups, their communities can be paralyzed by the impact…

The Bar That Gave Me Confidence

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When most people think about the Bay Area, they think about San Francisco, or if they are “woke.” Then they will probably think about Oakland, but this little bar is not in San Francisco or Oakland. No, this unique little-to-medium size bar is in a small-town city east of San Francisco, about 20 miles outside of Oakland, called by the quaint name Walnut Creek.

You’ve probably never heard Walnut Creek. That’s okay because all you need to know is that it is a small city with a small city feel and a kick-ass bar…

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