Let’s Face It. We Need The “$2,000/month” Money For The People Act.

C.R. Pattison
5 min readApr 20, 2020

Some days ago, Rep. Ro Khanna and Rep. Tim Ryan, two Democrats in the House of Representatives, proposed the emergency money for the people act that helps fix the problems that were present in the CARES act. The problem with the cares act is that it excluded a lot of people. It prohibited undocumented immigrants and excluded college students and a few other types of workers who desperately need money because they were unable to work due to the shutdown. To add on to that, are some people who can not get approval for unemployment in their state, like Undocumented or part-time workers. Some workers are only eligible for the $600 in the care act and not the additional state benefits. Such a bill like this would help patch specific flaws in the original proposal. It also has options for the un-banked with the opportunities to send money to Venmo accounts, Cash app accounts, and Paypal accounts for those who don’t have traditional or even more modern fintech bank accounts.

Now, this proposal was proposed by two Democrats, but if we know anything about partisan politics is that when a biased side sometimes suggests the other side doesn’t like it. Republicans are probably not going to go for this, but these are times where we need things that are this extreme. I am a die-hard capitalist from California, and I feel like this is the only option we have at the moment because our lame brain government, controlled under President Donald Trump, isn’t doing enough. A $1,200 check that excludes some critical people in the United States public is just unreasonable. There are hard-working college students that are trying to make ends meet. They are immigrants that are trying to make ends meet, and they do not qualify because of their immigration or educational status. Let alone the complicated and archaic systems of unemployment that we have for states make it so that people who only work part-time can’t get the full benefits. The CARES act doesn’t do anything to help with that. Except for 600 dollars a week, which is useful to an extent but not to get ahead, but only to survive barely. We need a package from the government that will help Americans thrive. The newly proposed package is the one that can do it.

How do we know who is eligible for this package? Well, as long as you are 16 years or older and make less than $130,000 a year, you’re eligible no matter of legal or educational status. You will qualify for the program. This package will last six months, and if by the end of that six months, the unemployment isn’t down to pre-pandemic levels. The program will go for another six months. This package will help most of the people in our economy, our part-time and our undocumented workers, and those who might not be able to go back to work until some time due to social distancing guidelines. The White House recently gave out guidance on when can states go back to Normalcy. In the first phase, phase one. It allows only certain types of businesses to be open like restaurants and office buildings at minimum capacity.

Then there is phase two, which is a little bit more lenient, and you can have a higher capacity for certain things like restaurants, offices, and some small events no greater than 50 people. Finally, there is the third phase. Phase three is where regular sporting events, concerts, and large festivals are going to happen, but in reality, stage three is not going to happen anytime soon. I know Donald Trump thinks it might, but it’s not going to. I work in the live entertainment industry, and to tell you the truth, I’m not going to be able to go back to work anytime soon. Because one, they’re not going to allow live concerts, significant events, or sporting events to happen in individual states anytime soon. Two, I feel like there’s also a sentiment of fear amongst US citizens right now, where they might not want to go to a music festival. They might not want to go to outside lands in August, and they might not want to go to a Lakers game or a warriors game.

So this $2,000 a month especially helps those types of workers who are in the Live entertainment industry, and other industries like bars, clubs that aren’t going to be open anytime soon. If they do open soon by some small chance, they are going to have low attendance, which means flat revenues for companies who host them. To further the concept that things are not going to be healthy for quite some time for a lot of workers is a study at Harvard says that we may need to have significant social distancing until 2021 or 2022. it means specific industries like live entertainment and physical entertainment are going to be rocky by these uncertain times. Jobs are going to be lost, and people may go hungry.

Here are some issues I have, though with this stimulus package: one, the minimum age should be 18, not 16. The reason being is because there are way more struggling 18-year-olds, and above then there are 16-year-olds because most 16-year-olds are still dependents. And this is unfair for people who are hurting due to not being able to work who aren’t dependents. Second, this is going to cause some form of inflation. I understand that, and that’s bad. Still, it’s not going to create a significant amount. We may not see inevitable hikes and a rise in the prices of certain goods that we aren’t already going to see because of this pandemic. But usually, inflation is terrible, but which one is worse? People hurting or inflation? I feel that people’s well being should be more concerning. Three, it’s going to cause some unfair and inequality since there are still people who are over the age of 18 who are still currently working. So it really should be for those who aren’t working, people that don’t have a job or as a rebate for the time that you spent not working if your job is coming back. If it’s not coming back like the live entertainment industry, we should keep this going for people like that.

I would love to hear your guys’ responses and what you guys think about this subject. just submit a reply below, and I would like to start a conversation about this!



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